From ‘Play Dead’

“Night time music. It’s pretty much all you have: nothing in your collection would be suitable to start the day with. Which probably says something about your personality too. But on it goes, a trip hop playlist, and it’s perfect. This is the sound of travelling through a city at night. It has that same urging rhythm that matches the traction of the tyres on the tarmac, with ambient light from the flourescent strips lining the traffic tunnels and the sharp angles of empty glass office blocks on the horizon. It’s safety and danger wrapped up into one. Edgy and euphoric in equal measure. It calms you, and at the same time still leaves you jumpy at the puddles of shadow between the street lights. There’s a clinical elegance to it, cold and electronic with processed strings, whispering voices and sometimes a soaring female lead which still sounds like a ghost trapped deep in the machine. It’s the music of detachment. The music you listen to when you’re looking out at humanity from some sunken observation point.”


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