From ‘Metal Machine Music, Part 1’

“And then something catches his eye, something stuck in there between White Light/White Heat and Transformer. It makes him laugh triumphantly and he snatches it out.

‘Why do you have this? Nobody has this. It’s shite.’

He’s holding up Metal Machine Music. Matt just shrugs. The truth of it is he has everything by Lou Reed.

‘You can’t tell me you listen to this.’

‘Sometimes, yeah.’

‘Bollocks.’ He turns it over in his hands and reads the back. ‘It’s the re-mastered one as well. You’re such a dick. They saw you coming.’

‘I like it.’

‘Fuck off.’

‘There’s a bit that sounds like circus music, and another bit that sounds like bagpipes.’

‘It’s shit. Everyone knows that.’

‘I like it.’

‘You do not.’ He pauses. ‘You just think you’re so fucking cool.’ And that’s how easy it is. Just like that, he’s said it, and it’s out, and now they both know what’s really going on.”



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