100% / Serpents

Very very very short post – so short in fact I had to stick three ‘verys’ into it to pad it out, as well as this explanation which is also now padding it out…

Ok, so my story ‘100% / Serpents’ is now on the brilliant Drunk Monkeys website as I mentioned about a week ago. You can see it by clicking here: 100% / Serpents on Drunk Monkeys.

Also, while you’re on there, check out the Cathy Ulrich story ‘Bitter Tea’. In fact, check that out first, it’s better than mine: Bitter Tea.

That’s all really. Step away from the blog, nothing else to see here on the blog.


3 thoughts on “100% / Serpents

  1. martingpalmer September 2, 2015 / 10:12 pm

    Think this is really great, by the way. You’re really making me re-think the whole syntactical thing. I bog my words down in so much punctuation etc – yours is always so much more immediate, as it is here. And the dialogue… You always handle it interestingly, but here I feel it’s like a chorus: short bursts in between, hygienic and driving things on.

    In short: brilliant. Keep it up, sir!

    • Neil Schiller September 8, 2015 / 9:56 pm

      Thanks Martin. I hate writing dialogue, I only tend to use it when I feel like I have to – usually to push the narrative on. I’m not quite as bad at it as I used to be, but still…

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