I Play the Drums…

LittNothing much to say tonight, except to recommend this book I’m reading. Toby Litt’s I Play the Drums in a Band Called Okay.

Started reading it last night and have found it really hard to put down – to, you know, go to work, do stuff etc.

If you’re into music at all, a poor obsessive muso like me even, I can definitely recommend it.

That’s all really to be honest. I’m gearing up for a blog post of some sort of merit, but just don’t quite have it in me today…

Jarvis Cocker on Richard Brautigan

Thanks to Cathy White for pointing me towards this. Only available on the iPlayer until 11th April, but great broadcast by Jarvis Cocker on the work of Brautigan: Messy, Isn’t It? – The Life and Works of Richard Brautigan. It still amazes me how much he sounds like Stephen Hawking (Brautigan that is, not Jarvis Cocker).