Written Inc.

Written Inc.I haven’t done a lot of writing lately, except for poetics and essays for university. But I haven’t been totally idle. Read at an open mic last night and found I shit myself slightly less than last time, so all heading in the right direction.

We’ve also finally got our new writing group up and running. That’s the logo I came up with. And I’ve spent some time getting our website worked out. That can be found here: http://www.written-inc.co.uk. Putting the site together was easy enough, migrating it from a test server onto its own hosted site – now that was a painful experience. Partially because I’m a moron, admittedly, but also because the hosting service I picked was not the easiest to use. In any case, it’s done. All I need to do now is add the profiles for other members (those that want to be profiled that is) and wait for the Google bots to pick it up.

Just out of interest though, we want to list on there any literary events we know about in and around Liverpool, or the North West in general really. If anyone knows of any, let me know and I’ll stick the details up.