Yes, these are my feet…

Probably the best photo ever taken of me, kindly captured by Guy Garrud whilst reading at Bad Language in Manchester last night. The jeans look a bit baggy I know – I usually wear them with boots but decided for some reason yesterday to put trainers on. Spent the whole day standing on them as I walked. Ah well, lessons learned and all that.

I nicked the image from Guy’s Facebook page, so I hope he doesn’t mind. It’s probably twice as cheeky considering I’m not even a Facebook friend of his…

Seriously though, some truly brilliant stuff being read there last night. Certainly made me feel that I’m not nearly as good as I thought I was (not that I thought I was particularly great anyway). Top notch flash fiction from the brilliant Clare Conlon; a very clever ‘missing lines’ performance from Fat Roland; poems about falling in love with the girl at the DSS and Jesus coming back to sexually chastise Bono (yes, I did say Bono) from Miles Hadfield; a hilarious list of lies told to women by Joe Daly; great opening to the night from Benjamin Judge. God, I could go on and list everyone. There was a superb edgy and moving piece about child abuse that had me literally hanging on every word – but being moronic I didn’t catch the name of the writer performing it. I’ll update the blog when I find this out as that’s someone I want to hear/read more by.

Oh, go on then, a photo of more than just my feet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the face for radio thing. Thanks to Clare for taking this and sending it to me:

Note to self – bright lights and shaved heads can result in accidents. Apologies to anyone who left with retina damage.

If you’re ever around in Manchester on the last Wednesday of the month, you have to check this night out. It was brilliant.

And in a great setting too – the second best pub I’ve ever been to (just shaded by The Pilgrim in Liverpool, but probably only because that was the first pub I got served in at sixteen).

The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street.


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