The Snowball Effect

Well, I said I’d update the Blog on progress of the free promotion. I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t gone quite how I expected. I thought it may gather a little bit of interest, I might shift a few more copies than I usually do, and it may help raise my profile a little bit.

Yeah, I had a feeling something else was happening as early as yesterday morning when my sales (I’ll still call them sales, even though they’re technically not whilst the book is free) were up 600% for the month. At the time of writing this, just over 24 hours in, my sales are up over 8000% on the month. More people downloaded Oblivious yesterday than have downloaded it in the entire year since it was put up on Amazon. In fact, it was more than double the amount of downloads in the year. I’ve potentially tripled my readership in a single day… That was NOT what I expected.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s great news for me. I’m in the top 5 for short stories on Amazon in both the UK and the US. Top 20 for literary fiction. And that’s why I think so many have been downloaded. Amazon does have this snowball effect. A couple of people show an interest, and suddenly you’re rising up the rankings a little bit. The higher you are, the more visible you are; the more visible you are, the more people show an interest etc. It’s been getting into that cycle that has always eluded me. The free promotion seems to have done the trick.

I’m sure some people may never get around to reading it. Last Christmas I was doing what some of these Amazon customers are almost certainly doing now: that is, loading my partner’s kindle with as many cheap and free books as I could before giving it to her as her present. I wanted it to be loaded up for her. (She hasn’t read all the books I put on there for her: some of them she may never read, some of them she may get to at some point). I’m also sure that some of the people that do read it may not like it. And that’s obviously fine too. Hopefully some will like it, in which case it’s achieved what has always been my primary goal with this collection – to get it in front of people and see what they think. Making money from it was never the main concern. I want to be in this for the long haul and there’s time for that later. If I could keep the book free on Amazon all the time I probably would. But as it is, it will be free for a couple of days this month and then I’ll get the chance to see whether that has any residual effect on sales once the price goes back on. And that, I’m sure, will give me something else to post about.

Anyway, happy Christmas everyone. I’m now going to slink off and do the family celebration stuff. Cheers.


One thought on “The Snowball Effect

  1. James Everington December 23, 2011 / 7:55 pm

    Free is interesting. I put one of the stories from The Other Room out separately and free on Smashwords, and it went free on Amazon (US) – it was downloaded thousands of times. Not sure how many of those people will ever buy the collection itself, but we shall see…

    Good luck with Oblivious anyway – and Happy Christmas!

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