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30 Nov

I’m back. Kind of. I found out last night that I’ve (finally) passed my PhD which means with that Damoclean sword removed from over my head I can get on with the rest of my life and probably start writing again. I’m also going to stick a few more bits of the thesis up here too – to ease me back into it. And to purge the damn thing from my system. So today, we have chapter three – Pastiche and Postmodernism. Tomorrow, or later in the week, I’ll be adding chapters four and five: A Postmodernist Model of Time and Zen and the Art of Richard Brautigan.

Why no chapter two? Well, I don’t think it’s as interesting. Same with chapters six to eight. I’m probably going to try and get the thing published at some point so I’ll just put the better bits here as teasers for those people interested in that sort of thing. (After eight years I’m not even entirely sure I’d categorise myself anymore as someone ‘interested in that sort of thing)…


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