Brautigan and my continuing obsession

Ok, I now have revised copies of my introduction and first chapter on Brautigan up. Hoping these are now ok and I can move on to gender, postmodernism and time. It’s been a long weekend…

…but I’ve broken up the work with a few dips into my current obsession:


Hahah, I sneaked that in didn’t I? I told you I wouldn’t shut up easily. That one reminds me a lot of Radiohead.



A nice busking version of Christmas in Adventure Parks. I like it. Nice and lo-fi. He’s got a great voice though…



And is it just me or is this very Placeboesque?



2 thoughts on “Brautigan and my continuing obsession

  1. James Everington June 28, 2011 / 6:04 pm

    a) interesting Brautigan stuff, keep ’em coming

    b) Placebo were always wank, that song’s far better

  2. Neil Schiller June 28, 2011 / 10:19 pm

    Thanks James. I’m suprised anyone is reading something as dull as a thesis to be honest. I wrote it and it makes me fall asleep… I need some more assessment of the critics in my intro apparently so I’ll be doing that next. But when I get to editing chapters 2 and 3 I’ll stick them up. Insomnia cure for us all.

    Yeah, Placebo were a bit shit. Don’t tell my missus – she loves them. Mind you, she likes Depeche Mode. I liked ‘Taste in Men’ but that was pretty much it… Differing opinions on short stories, on Placebo and Depeche Mode, on Terry Pratchett, I dunno why we’re together really…

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