I’d love to put up a new post this morning, I really would, but unfortunately I’ve taken a super-injunction out against myself and I can’t. I told a mate of mine what it was going to be about in the pub last night and someone overheard me and repeated it to their friend, so now I’m bringing legal action against the pub landlord for allowing people to talk about whatever they want inside his establishment. Tweet about this and I’ll have your balls mounted on my wall, I promise you.

Half a million quid gets me the best legal team money can buy and a two week grace period before the story is out anyway. Maybe everyone will lose interest in those two weeks and it will all just go away. Maybe not. But I’ve been told by my publicist it’s money well spent. As long as word doesn’t get out from that pub and everyone knows anyway. Maybe I can sue my friend for listening to me. Hell, maybe I’ll sue myself for talking about it in the first place – I need to find some way to recoup that five hundred grand…


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