5th Annual Ted Walters International Short Story, Poetry and Playwriting Competition 2011

Another addendum type post for the day. The writing group I’m going to is associated to this writing competition and asked if we’d promote it. I figured it does no harm to stick it up on the Blog. In summary, there are 3 categories – poetry in any format, short stories of up to 2000 words, and small plays. £4 entry for first submission, £3.50 thereafter. Prize for each category is £200, runner up gets £50, second runner up a £15 book token. Not the prize money associated to the Nobel prize for literature, but £200 is probably more than I’ll make in ebook sales this year…

I have the entry form, and rules, as jpg images and can send them to anyone interested. My email is neil_schiller at hotmail dot com. Drop me a note and I’ll send them onto you. (Obviously, replace ‘at’ with the @ symbol and dot com with .com – I’m trying to evade spambots) 😀

£1 from each admission fee goes to MacMillan Cancer Support. Oh, and deadline for submissions is 30th June 2011.


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