Donation to Red Cross

I’m sure no-one doubted that I’d actually do as I said and donate sales for March to relief efforts for Japan, but for the sake of being transparent, and for everyone’s peace of mind, I thought I’d give an update on that.

Late surge in the UK (another 2 sales) but a slump still in the US meant 35 ebook sales and 1 confirmed paperback sale for the month. By my reckoning that’s (35 x £0.22) + (1 x £1.00) = £8.70. I rounded it up to £10, then doubled that as I said I would.

These were the ebook sales (boo to the person who bought it and then got a refund):

Ok, so then I went onto the Red Cross site and found they take donations in Euros, not sterling. So I converted my £20 (1 British pound = 1.13242939 Euros apparently) and rounded it up to 23 Euros. This was where I stuck the details in:


Obviously I’m going to stop short of showing you my card and security numbers. You might have trusted me, doesn’t mean I trust you 🙂

And this was the confirmation:

So there you go. Thanks to everyone who bought one of the books and rest assured I made sure your money got to where I promised it would. Cheers, Neil.


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