What a week, and it’s only Wednesday

Well, what a busy week this has been. Work has been mental, I still haven’t done any more work on my thesis, I have written half a short story (though not written any of the novel which is supposed to be the prime objective), and I’ve followed a story about a Greek Seaman and a Charlie Sheenesque online meltdown. Oh, and I joined another writing group, met some pretty decent, down to earth (but talented) people, and woke up this morning with a mild hangover and the shits… A bad pint last night I think.

I just took down my Authonomy account. I left it open for a couple of days to see what happened and it was just more of the same. People asking for me to back them, nobody interested in actually reading or offering comments. Ah well, it was worth a go. Book came down, account in retirement, off to explore other things instead.

In terms of my modest sales strategy, I was hoping to sell over 31 books this month (to beat the book a day target). As of right now I’ve sold 33 ebooks, and I know at least 1 paperback. Annoyingly, though, Createspace doesn’t update in realtime – it can take up to 60 days AFTER the book has been produced and shipped. So in reality I have no idea how many paperbacks I’ve sold yet, having only had it out for about 40-50 days. I know about the one copy because the person who bought it told me. Anyway, that leads onto the next bit…

…sales for Japan. If I get to the end of the day tomorrow on the same sales as I am right now I will have 33 x 22p which is £7.26 in royalties from ebooks (wow, the money I’m raking in I might just lay it out on the bed and roll in it – if the twenty pence coins didn’t have edges that could scratch that is) and, I’ll have to guess, around £1 for the paperback. £8.26. Let’s round it up to a tenner. I said I’d double it so that’s £20 to go to Medicins Sans Frontier or the Red Cross (still haven’t decided yet – will probably depend on the ease of their respective online donation process).

Last night I read out my work for the first time ever. And I do mean EVER. I was a bit blindsided as I didn’t expect to be asked but I had a copy of my book with me as I had taken it along to give to someone so I picked a short piece and stumbled through it in a quivery voice. Oh dear. Mental note to self – must get much better at that sort of thing.

What else? Designed a book cover for another book that doesn’t exist yet. Finished reading another small press/indie book (Dogs Chase Cars by Mark Porter, very good, very funny) and reviewed it. Got another review comment for Hinterland on YouWriteOn. Not as helpful really, I didn’t agree with a lot of the points. Still useful to see what people think though. Talked a lot of bollocks on Amazon Forums.

Right…what next?


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