I’m a bit slow to react and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner, but there are lots of indie authors on Amazon at the moment pledging royalties this month to one of three causes: relief appeals for Japan, relief appeals for New Zealand, and Comic Relief. Taking their lead (instead of taking the initiative, which I wish I’d done) I’ve pledged to do the same. Because I’m such a Japanophile and love the country and its culture, having visited it several years ago, I’ve decided to pledge all my royalties, such as they are, for March to one of the appeals for the country. The Red Cross or Medicins Sans Frontier.

So far I’ve sold 24 ebooks for March in the UK and US combined, which works out by my calculations to be £5.28. I’ve also sold at least one paperback which gives me a bit more than the ebooks, but until it filters through to CreateSpace I don’t know exactly how much that is (different channels have different amounts linked to them). I think it’s about £1 or so. I was going to donate anyway, so whatever the royalties amount to I’ll at least double that.

Two other things happening that I want to promote to anyone who stumbles upon my Blog are:

1. http://authorsforjapan.wordpress.com/ is an online auction for different lots put together by all manner of writers to raise money for relief efforts. It’s too late to contribute, which I’m kicking myself for, but not too late to support.

2. http://booksthathelp.org/ is a collection someone is putting together on writing inspired by Japan, with all proceeds going to charity. They are taking submissions until 11th April, and will obviously be available to buy soon after.

And finally, this is a book by an author doing the same thing – contributing proceeds to Japan. Excuse me, where is the exit? by Stella Deleuze. I’ve just bought it and am looking forward to reading it.


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