Patience has its Reward

I’ve been noticing this month that I’ve had an upturn in sales. And for several days I’ve been wracking my brain as to why this might be. Then, by sheer chance, I noticed the rankings of my books has now appeared on their product pages:


The Haiku Diary

It looks like suddenly, after about 3 months of my books not really appearing in the right categories, something has happened to align them to their tags. So they are now appearing in rankings where they should actually be.

So if people click through to the ranking lists from other books, suddenly they see mine sitting there at visible positions. Well I never – The Haiku Diary is at number 1 for Haiku genre books on Amazon. Oblivious at number 25 for short stories in ebooks, and number 39 for Kindle literary fiction. Fantastic news for me. I’ve sold almost as many books as last month so far this month (and we’re only 14 days in). I was told it takes time for your work to start attracting sales, and I have been seeing a steady (but small) increase month on month. But now I’ve broken into the top 40 on these five product categories, I’m extremely happy and excited about it and it seems to have added an extra boost. Thanks are due to everyone who’s bought them – without the sales I’ve had so far I wouldn’t now have this chance to try and push on.


2 thoughts on “Patience has its Reward

  1. Neil Schiller March 15, 2011 / 5:51 pm

    James, it only lasted for about 4 hours. Next time I checked everything had slipped down by about 50 or 60 places 😀 Think it was a fluke…

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