Sometimes, I’m so dumb it astounds me. I’m suffering from a little bit of writer’s block at the moment – three chapters into my novel/novella and I’m stuck. I have loads of ideas and yet not one of them is willing to give itself up to a decent sentence of articulation.

So I’m sat there last night wondering why on earth it’s not happening, and thinking back to the greatest period of creativity I had when the stories were just flying out night after night. And then it hit me. At that point I was writing The Haiku Diary as well as the short story collection. There was no effort or psychological blocks with that project – I just homed in on one impression I’d had that day and wrote it out. Some of the imagery I generated by doing this I reused in the prose. Some of it sparked off other ideas that became part of the stories. The main thing though was I was writing, every day, without having to think about it. I was already in that place, in that mindset, so it was easier to switch between the different works.

It’s pretty obvious that I need to do the same thing isn’t it? Haiku Diary volume 2 looks like it might be on its way then – maybe not for publication but just to help me along.


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